Chakrabarti Inquiry

The inquiry reported back on 30 June. We have responded here: 

Individual responses:

We have compiled organisations’ and individuals’ submissions.  They are below the TOR.

Terms of reference

The inquiry into antisemitism and other forms of racism, is to be chaired by the former Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti.

The inquiry will:

  • Consult widely with Labour Party Members, the Jewish community and other minority representatives about a statement of principles and guidance about antisemitism and other forms of racism, including islamophobia.
  • Consult on guidance about the boundaries of acceptable behaviour and language.
  • Recommend clear and transparent compliance procedures for dealing with allegations of racism and antisemitism.
  • Look into training programmes for parliamentary candidates, MPs, councillors and others.
  • Make recommendations for changes to the code of conduct and party rules if necessary.
  • Propose other action if needed, to ensure Labour is a welcoming environment for members of all communities.

The recommendations of the inquiry led by Baroness Royall into the Oxford University Labour Club and other issues will feed into this wider inquiry.

The chair of the inquiry, Shami Chakrabarti, formally invites members and supporters of the Labour Party and members of relevant communities to submit evidence to this inquiry. To submit evidence please email [email protected], use the form on the website [we advise the former], or write to: The Chakrabarti Inquiry, c/o The Labour Party, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA.

The deadline for submissions is 10th June 2016 and the inquiry will report back by the end of June 2016.

Organisations’ submissions

Free Speech on Israel Submission to Chakrabarti Submission by Free Speech on Israel


IJV Submission to the Chakrabati Inquiry


IJAN-UK Submission to Chakrabarti Inquiry


Chakrabarti Submission


Chakrabarti Inquiry JfJfP Submission


Jewish Socialists’ Group Chakrabarti Inquiry submission


Women of Colour Submission to Chakrabarti


Evidence from Palestine Solidarity Campaign to Chakrabarti Inquiry


Submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry From Members of Riverside CLP, Liverpool


UKPMHN Submission to Chakrabarti for Free Speech


Chakrabarti inquiry submission, York Central Constituency


Individual submissions

Further reading: Fraser v UCU Employment Tribunal judgment

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