The Jewish Labour Movement – British Branch of the Racist Israeli Labor party

By Tony Greenstein

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Excerpt: The Jewish Labour movement, led by serial liar Jeremy Newmark, is the British branch of the Israeli Labour Party (ILP). The ILP has a racist track record second to none. They were the government of Israel for the first 30 years. In that time Israel’s Palestinian population spent the first 18 years under military rule. All the institutions of apartheid, such as Jewish National Fund, were integrated into Israeli society as para state organisations in that period.

The Nakba, the expulsion of ¾ million Arabs in 1947/8, the massacre of thousands and the confiscation of most Arab land was carried out by Labour terror militias primarily – Hagannah and Palmach (shock troops) in particular.

The left Zionist  Mapam (now Meretz) party was no better. The infamous massacre at Dawayima was carried out by these ‘Marxist’ Zionists: “Their socialism did not extend to their non-Jewish fellow men.” Wrote David Hirst in his book ‘The Gun and the Olive Branch’ (p.25)

There is nothing that Likud has done that Labour didn’t do before them, nor have they changed. Israeli Labour’s election campaigns have focussed on scaring Jewish voters that Netanyahu’s policies, of not allowing even the tiniest little Palestinian Bantustan will result in Israel becoming an Arab state (god forbid).

Last week Isaac Herzog, Labour’s leader said that the ILP mustn’t be identified as an ‘Arab lovers’ party. The term ‘Arab lover’ is a racist taunt flung by the Right. Herzog is saying that he doesn’t want the ILP to be considered in such terms. In Britain during the fight against fascist from the National Front and British National Party we were accused of being ‘nigger lovers’ and a previous generation were ‘Jew lovers’.

The irony today is that the racists of the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel are driving the witch hunt of Black and Asian members of the Party in particular. Anyone who stands out against Zionism and Israeli Apartheid is liable for the chop. See ‘Preposterous liar’ Jeremy Newmark re-educates Naz Shah MP

It is a myth that the ILP bears any resemblance even to the pale pink European social democratic parties. As Zeev Sternhell shows in his book The Founding Myths of Israel, the ILP or Mapai as it was, was always an anti-socialist party. Mapai was formed in 1930 as a result of the merger of Hapoel Hatzair, an avowedly anti-socialist party whose creed was the  labour of the land and Poalei Zion, under David Ben-Gurion. Although nominally socialist, it had in fact junked socialism years ago when it committed itself to Jewish Labour i.e. a boycott of Arab labour. It levied a special sum from all of its members in order that a campaign was waged to picket out Arab labourers from Jewish employers.

The ‘union’ Histadrut which the Labour Zionist parties formed in 1920, saw class struggle in national terms. In other words it was the Arabs, not Jewish employers, who were the class enemy. Hence Histadrut was a Jewish only ‘union’.

Today the ILP is a shadow of its former self. Apart from two governments, under Rabin and Barak and a shared administration of Peres and Shamir, the ILP has been out of power for 40 years. Whereas in 1949 and subsequent elections, the Labour Zionist parties secured a majority of seats in the Knesset today they can muster less than a quarter.

But though diminished in size, their racism is stronger than ever.

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