Jackie Walker Hits Back

In these videos  Black Jewish Labour activist Jackie Walker, former vice-chair of Momentum, describes how she was targeted by the Zionist Israel Lobby, and falsely accused as being anti-Semitic. The Al Jazeera series The Lobby, uncovered the shenanigans of the Israel embassy and its Senior Political Advisor, Shai Masot, in four programme during January 2017. The investigation detailed how the embassy worked with Zionist organisations within the Labour Party to defame and harass critics of Israel. Jackie, iconic for her proclamation of her joint Jewish and Black identities was a prime target of this campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Jackie Walker Hits Back”

  1. Jackie I’m angry too! Angry at the whole illogical mess that is racism!

    Racism is just one of the ways we are divided but the suffering it has caused is immeasurable.
    Why is it so easy to dehumanise our fellow human beings?

    I want to give you a great big hug!

    In solidarity x

  2. Very well said Jackie, looking forward to seeing your show in Whitstable on Monday xx

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