A plea from British Palestinians

This article appeared in MEMO

British Palestinians want anti-Semitism eradicated and sanctions on Israel
Professor Kamel Hawwash
3 May 2016

Excerpt: ‘…We British Palestinians stand with our Jewish fellow citizens in their fight against anti-Semitism and our joint fight against any form of racism in this country and elsewhere. We ask them equally to understand that we support peaceful means for ending Israel’s occupation, racism and its refusal to implement the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to our country. The BDS movement is a peaceful tool for achieving this. Labelling it and therefore many Palestinians as anti-Semites is inaccurate, wrong and dangerous. Please stop it. It does not help to achieve peace. It is both possible and reasonable to want anti-Semitism eradicated and still campaign for sanctions on Israel until it ends its occupation and oppression.’

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One thought on “A plea from British Palestinians”

  1. The mischief-makers are playing a worn out record. Anti-semitism was an horrific accusation in the shadow of the nazi genocide. Then most Britons were sympathetic towards a Jewish refugee state. It was expected to become a beacon of sagacity and peace, shaming the world for its profane hate-filled ways. But no. Zionists instead proclaimed Israel had the right to be just as evil as any other nation, tribe or sect. And so it has gone on: impervious to advice, complaints or protests to become a grave danger to world peace – a nuclear rogue state with cutting edge technology and powerful armed forces. The image of Israel is no longer of starving WW2 refugees but of swaggering racial supremacists sordidly stealing others’ land and imposing massive collective punishments on starving Palestinian refugees. New generations feel more confident about race relations now and less sensitive about false accusations. In short, the magic wand of the A-S word is wearing off. We can just shrug it off for what it is, cynical propaganda attempting to defend the indefensible.

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