Malicious smears against Labour Party General Secretary candidate Jennie Formby

Jennie Formby
Free Speech on Israel welcomes the statement from Unite defending the union’s South-East Regional Secretary Jennie Formby against antisemitism allegations.
Accusations levelled against Jennie Formby by the group calling itself Labour Against Anti-Semitism are just the latest in its campaign of malicious and baseless charges targeting the Labour Left.
LAAS was created and exists for the sole purpose of suppressing criticism of the state of Israel for its crimes against the people of Palestine. Its smearing tactics have nothing to do with combatting real antisemitism – hostility, prejudice or discrimination against Jews because they are Jews. They expose their malicious intent by citing a definition of antisemitism which has been discredited for conflating criticism of Israel with criticism of Jews, thereby endangering free speech for those campaigning for justice for Palestinians.
In attacking Jennie Formby LAAS are vilifying a committed anti-racist campaigner.
They are also deliberately trying to disrupt the important process of appointing a new general secretary of the Labour Party – a role Jennie Formby is eminently qualified to fill.
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2 thoughts on “Malicious smears against Labour Party General Secretary candidate Jennie Formby”

  1. Yes indeed ! It’s really unacceptable that the Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn should be infected with such right ring MCCarthyist witch hunting at the moment .
    Too much of Labour is about promoting Zionism and defending israel when it should be building
    socialism in Britain .
    Jennie Formby should definitely be elected but Lansmann who plays the Zionist hand too often has decided he will take the post
    He’s too damned powerful already

  2. #freeAhedTamimi #NoToApartheid
    we need a socialist Britain – same as Norway Portugal and Iceland .
    A british jewish delegate stood up n conference and said there is no antisemitism in the labour party …
    …so any labour supporter who keeps brandishing the AS flag is not doing Labour any favours …
    There is far more islamophobia about in UK … (and worldwide ).. than antisemitism..
    Have you read of civilian british people being run over because they look jewish?
    Whereas there have been a couple of attempted murders in the news against british muslims ..
    Anyone with more than one neuron can see these events are machiavellian .

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